E-mploy-Me! project

E-mploy-Me! is an innovative project funded under the Eramus+ KA2 programme, whose main objective is to promote the socio-labour integration of unemployed immigrant women through empowerment and digital skills. As starting point it takes the absence of specific transnational initiatives in Europe that promote the integration of unemployed immigrant women through such innovative methodologies. Its fundamental target group are socio-labour counselors and immigrant women, as E-mploy-Me! provides them with the necessary resources specifically designed to promote access to employment for the target group. As a result, the expected impact of the project is to boost access to employment for unemployed immigrant women. E-mploy-Me! aims to contribute, in accordance with the Europe 2020 Strategy, to building an inclusive Europe in which access to employment is part of European growth and any collective has the same opportunities to access it.

Project duration

Start Date: 10.09.2018

End Date: 09.09.2020

Specific objectives

  • To promote gender equality and the empowerment of immigrant women through access to new technologies.
  • To increase the employability of immigrant women and the possibilities of professional diversification by offering them new tools and promoting their skills.
  • To bring immigrant women closer to the resources that new technologies can offer them.
  • To promote the socio-labour inclusion of immigrant women in the participating countries.

Expected results & Outputs

State of the Art Report

carried out in all partner countries in order to provide an in-depth qualitative analysis of the current situation, needs and challenges facing the target group.

Platform E-mploy-Me!

social tool to be used by the two target groups: counselors and immigrant women.

Online course for socio-labour integration

which leads to increased skills and competences in digital literacy and media as well as Increased use of social networks for professional purposes.

Manual of good practices for social and professional integration of migrant women

Target groups

  • Unemployed immigrant women who are at risk of social exclusion.
  • Social and labour integration professionals working with unemployed immigrant women; tutors and vocational training counsellors.

The Partnership



EUFRAK – EuroConsults Berlin GmBH


PRISM – Promozione Internazionale Sicilia-Mondo


Verein Multikulturell


CSI – Center for Social Innovation LTD


6. Frauenalia

Frauenalia gUG